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6Meem Animated Advertising Platform

About us

Six Meem Trading Company specializes in advertising, operation and development of various digital advertising screens.

Our vision:

- Creating a unique technical model in the Middle East, starting from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the neighboring Arab countries.

To become the leading smart technology company in the region and pave the way for future dreamers.

- Renovation and development of transportation, which leads to a unique and civilized appearance.

Our mission:

- Increasing the economic output in the GDP, and making use of sensor networks (Internet of Things) in collecting direct and real-time information for the benefit of government agencies and the private sector at low and sustainable costs.

Enabling small and medium-sized companies to place their advertisements externally at reasonable prices.

Our Services

6Meem Animated Advertising Platform Data-driven advertising solutions and smart wireless sensor network configurationSecure platform Data-driven advertising solutions and smart wireless sensor network (IoT) configuration with integrated analytics to measure data-oriented brands and smart cities using IoT through scalable external campaigns and enable our partners to access valuable life-improving data and measure a lot of information And transfer all data at the same time to the community or the concerned authorities in the country.

6Meem Static Advertising Platform A new and unprecedented way to advertiseThe 6Meem platform for static ads allows you to control your static ads through LED screens, which are advertising screens that can be rotated to be in a vertical or horizontal position to view ads, videos and images, and it is a new and unprecedented advertising method that radically changed the concept of advertising. Screens are also used to present visual content, whether through video or product images, and it is considered one of the best modern marketing systems.


We enable advertising agencies to launch targeted campaigns in busy and lively roads with heavy traffic. High, using a unique method of advertising that allows millions of views in hard-to-reach places by the usual means of advertising.

RUUT - Our Partners

6 Meem and its global brand

6Meem is a major investor in Ruut Technology, a global advertising and data-driven company in the delivery and mobility industry, for data-oriented brands and smart cities.

Specialized in measurable advertising screens for data-oriented brands and smart cities using the Internet of Things.

We run scalable outdoor campaigns and empower our partners with access to valuable life-improving data.

Contact us

info@6meem.com If you prefer, write to

Riyadh,12381 Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed Rd, An Nakheel, 2nd floor, Office#3.