Welcome to 6Meem, the revolutionary

street-level digital top taxi screen

Welcome to 6Meem, the revolutionary street-level digital top taxi screen that elevates advertising to unprecedented levels. Our smart rooftop digital screens captivate audiences with captivating images and videos tailored to the precise location and time of each vehicle.


6 Meem trading company is a digital advertising solutions provider that was founded in 2018 and is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our objective is to revolutionize the way brands communicate with consumers by offering cutting-edge digital experiences. we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions and high-quality services to our clients. With our advanced technology and experienced team, we customize our offerings to align with your business objectives and drive success. 6Meem Trading was established in line with the objectives of Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Revolutionizing Advertising through Taxi Top Digital Screens is to create unique and innovative strategies that help our clients achieve their goals. Through the production of creative content and the utilization of technology, we aim to assist businesses in making a lasting impact in the digital world.


Boost Your Marketing Impact with Taxi Top Digital Screens:
Accelerate Your Success


Efficiently Deliver Your Brand Message with Taxi Top Digital Screens


Creating Connections:
Unite Your Brand with Targeted Audiences using Taxi Top Digital Screens



Precise Measurement for Impact

Description: Get Accurate Insights:

Estimate Total Impressions Measure Incremental Reach



Targeting: Reach Your Audience with Powerful Targeting Tools

Hyper targeting: Customized ads for specific demographics, interests, and locations

Radius Targeting: Maximum exposure with extensive reach across the city.

Full Converge: Pinpoint your ads to specific areas and reach your desired audience


Exclusive Representative For Taxi Branding

6Meem, your exclusive partner for taxi branding in Saudi Arabia.

Reliable Advertising: Boost your brand`s visibility and reach with our trusted taxi branding solutions.

Tailored for KSA: Our services are specifically designed to meet the unique advertising needs of the Saudi Arabian market.

Maximum Exposure: Take advantage of our extensive network of taxis to maximize your brand`s exposure throughout the country.

Effective Results: Experience the power of targeted advertising and drive impactful results for your business.

Partner with Us: Join hands with 6Meem and leave a lasting impression on the Saudi audience with our taxi branding expertise.



Ads shown on both sides of the screen for maximum exposure: 37.8” wide by 12.6” tall

MP4, MOV, GIF, PNG, JPG, HEIC: formats accepted 6-8 seconds full motion creatives

Auto-brightness, visible under direct sunlight

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